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The clock is ticking, and Manitoba’s election is just around the corner. 

We have a real opportunity to make our voices heard and demand that our government invests in the public services that we all rely on. 

Public services that keep our province running, like free and accessible health care, schools, Manitoba Hydro, libraries, social services, and recreation centres.

For eight years, Heather Stefanson and the PC party have let us down. They have eroded Manitoba’s public health care system, underfunded our education system, and neglected the educational, social service and childcare workers who support the most vulnerable. 

It's time to show them we won't stand for it any longer.

The stakes are high, and the future of our public services is on the line. 

If we don't act now, we risk losing even more ground and leaving our most vulnerable citizens behind. We need to defend our values and our priorities and demand real change. 

Start today by joining the We Work for Manitoba community.

Let’s stop Heather Stefanson and the PC party.  

Take action to put a stop to Heather Stefanon and the PC Party’s devastating privatization schemes