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Privatization of public services leads to higher costs, service cuts, and no accountability.

Private agencies in health care. Privatizing of Manitoba Hydro. Privatized long-term care. 

The list goes on and on. 

But the results stay the same: we pay more and get less.

Now, Heather Stefanson and the PC Party is strategically privatizing our shared public services again – in healthcare, long-term care, utilities, infrastructure, and so much more.

Manitoba has experimented with privatized services in the past and it ended in failure; our community members lose jobs. We lose our high-quality services. 

Governments listen to voters. They will listen to you. And more, if we get all of our friends, family, and colleagues involved as well. 

Together, we can stop the reckless cuts and privatization of Manitoba’s services.

Let’s keep Manitoba’s public services for all of us.

Take 30 seconds to send a letter to the Premier and your MLA to reject the privatization of our public services.

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