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Stand With Manitoba Workers

Manitoba's public services, and the workers who deliver them, keep our province running. From healthcare and schools to Hydro and our municipalities, public services are what keep Manitoba running, and public service workers help each and every one of us get the quality services we need. 

The PC government is on a dangerous path to privatize the services that we own and rely on. Instead of investing in our public services such as schools, libraries, and childcare centers, they are pushing cuts and privatization. Privatization in Manitoba results in higher costs, service cuts, and no accountability. Manitobans lose their jobs, and the money goes to profit somewhere else.

If we don’t act now, they’ll keep going down their path to cut even more services we depend on. You can stop this. Together, we can urge the government to reverse its path and ensure that public services are there for all of us when we need them.